Weconomy winner Blackpin GmbH: “Our messaging tool picks up where tools like WhatsApp and Teams are no longer useful.”

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November 7, 2022 | Digitalization

It takes a lot of courage and absolute conviction of the potential of an idea to introduce a messaging tool that can take on top dogs like WhatsApp, Teams or Slack. For Sandra Jörg, it took both when she founded a startup in collaboration with a team of experts: the Weconomy winner Blackpin.

Portrait Sandra Jörg, CEO Blackpin GmbH

Sandra Jörg


Blackpin GmbH

“The first thing people think when they hear the word messenger is a concept that lumps all providers into one clump,” says Blackpin CEO Jörg. “Taking a closer look, you see that we have community messaging tools like WhatsApp, business messaging tools like Teams, and industry messaging tools, which Blackpin is one of.” Many companies where work is predominantly done at a desk often use Microsoft Teams. By contrast, with its app for mobile devices, the startup wants to facilitate exchange and collaboration among colleagues who primarily work on a flexible scale, in the care sector or in the construction industry, for instance. “In many cases, these colleagues don’t have their own desk in an office or home office, let alone a company notebook. They need to communicate on smartphones. Which is where we come in.” 

GDPR-compliant communication 

The messaging tool that does much more than just communicate stands out from the competition in other respects as well. “Blackpin is a self-contained messaging tool. Each company determines who has access and who doesn’t,” says Sandra Jörg. The messages are not only end-to-end encrypted using the highest standard and stored in Europe, everything is also based on the latest, even more secure Matrix chat protocol, which has actually been a mandatory requirement for messaging in the medical sector since Jan. 1, 2022, according to gematik. Unlike other messengers, no key is handed over to third parties in order to market conversations or documents. The messages are highly encrypted and decrypted. This key is assigned to the user. Sandra Jörg: “That means Blackpin pays very close attention to key management so that no misuse can occur. All our data is stored in Germany. That makes communication secure and DSGVO-compliant.” Consequently, the target group the startup serves also includes banks, tax consulting firms and law firms. 

Over the medium term, the goal is for Blackpin to advance as the software solution in Europe that employees and business partners use to communicate with each other in a straightforward manner – on their personal mobile devices. “The trend clearly is to use one’s own device for work purposes as well,” says Sandra Jörg. “If a messaging tool like Blackpin is able to clearly separate personal and business contact directories, not only is this a convenient benefit, but it’s a security benefit as well.” 

Staufen has partnered with Weconomy for many years – which for Staufen consultant Frank Krüger is a win-win situation.

Blackpin Messenger

Frank Krüger

Senior Partner


"The exchange with the startups offers both partners a number of positive benefits. Founders benefit from the expertise, coaching and network of established companies, who in turn experience inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and innovations which, in the best case, expand their own business model."

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