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The ability to transform in a changing market environment is an essential factor in ensuring long-term corporate success.

We speak of a transformation anytime an organization initiates a fundamental and permanent change. This change is aligned towards a jointly agreed goal and is actively driven by coordinated change projects.

It is essential to create an efficient and learning organization. According to Charles Darwin, the species that can best adapt to change, i.e. continuously learns, is the one that survives. In contrast, efficient means achieving the strategic goals set with the least possible effort.

What is key is that the transformation strives to achieve a target state that is clearly communicated to everyone. There are five success factors based on this that are critical to success. The business model is focused on the changing environment and is in line with the customers. The managers are the active drivers of the transformation. Their culture is collaborative, eager to experiment, and solution-focused. Processes are consistently aligned with customer benefits and the organization is able to respond flexibly to new challenges.

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