Over the last few years, the IT and Communication department has seen strong sales and staff growth, from 35 to more than 70 employees. The project “Review IT Organization” was initiated with the aim of aligning the organizational structure with the future requirements of the market and with the core processes (consulting, planning, execution, operation and maintenance).  

Client profile 

The ICT area is strategically an important business unit with potential for the future within the CKW Group. From a legal and organizational perspective, the IT & Communication department is anchored within the CKW Conex AG and structured in the service areas: IT Systems, Communication Solutions and Cabling. 

Solved challenges 

  • Create a new process model 
  • Define requirements of the target organization: Executive levels, role profiles, orientation of future business models 
  • Adapt the organizational structure to new needs 
  • Define future role profiles 
  • Adapt the quotation process to the new organizational structure 

Achieved benefit 

  • Sustainable burden relief for executives and professional experts by creating new functions 
  • Interdepartmental product management to exploit synergies and provide optimum customer solutions 
  • Multi-team specialists to improve product expertise 
  • Consolidation of the sales organization for even greater proximity to customers and greater responsiveness 

Manuel Dudler, Senior Expert Staufen.Inova

Large growth also brings major changes. We have adapted the internal organizational structure to the new needs to enable the IT&Communication department to continue to operate at a top level. This has allowed us to relieve the burden on existing CKW executives and to introduce new technical experts to their roles more quickly.

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