We stand for transformation

For our own as well, of course

The working world is undergoing breathtakingly rapid change. Markets are shifting, and with them the logistics and production processes. Collaboration is also evolving at a rapid pace. It is becoming more flexible, more advanced, and more digital. Old habits are being thrown overboard, young decision-makers are joining the team and driving the transformation forward.  

Transformation. Always on. 

As a consulting firm specializing in transformations, we always have our antennas tuned to these developments and come up with the right solutions. It goes without saying, though, that we turn our antennas inward as well. Collaboration with us is characterized by an open working environment, transparent hierarchies and an open mind for new ideas. 

With the R11, we got rid of rooms to create more space. 

Office after office after office after office, and in between a meeting room, which after the boss’s office is the best looking one in the entire company. Exactly how we are not set up. 

Since 2019, we have been working in a bright co-working space. We call it R11, which on the one hand stands for our address at Reitergasse 11. But R11 stands for much more than that. It stands for the idea of perfect collaboration. 

Our team

R as in revolutionary and 11 as in eleven

Not only is the R11 architecturally open, making it transparent and flooded with light. Our minds are open as well. We have no walls to block us. Closed doors usually don’t allow new things to enter. Breaking down walls instead of manifesting them – that is the approach we take to networked, creative and flexible collaboration between consultants and partners. And what happens when clients come by? Then they just sit down, brainstorm and talk with us. We’ve mounted our tables on wheels especially so that we can create new meeting situations whenever we need to.  

We’re not the only ones who work this way. The Vetica Group and Cleantech 21 also moved into R11 with us. So, the open collaboration with no doors or walls extends beyond company limits. 

We exemplify exactly what we recommend. We ourselves are flexible, apply simple and robust processes, think and act in collaboration. Because, in the future, interaction  

within the network will determine the success of a company. We create the space for that, and give the mind space to breathe. Transformation. Always on. Especially in our space. 

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