The purpose of the project was the sustainable development and safeguarding of the production sites in Europe. The common strategic development was initiated, a local improvement organization was established and senior management was introduced to its role as change agent.

Client profile 

As a manufacturer of elevators and escalators, Schindler moves more than a billion people every day. In 2017, the Schindler Group reported sales of close to CHF 10.2 billion. A staff of more than 60,000 employees in more than 100 countries stand behind this success. The Supply Chain Europe is made up of four production plants.

Solved challenges 

  • Four initiatives were started at each site: Optimization of production processes, shifting products on the basis of a clear industrial logic, vertical integration and the introduction of an end-to-end management system based on Shop Floor Management. 
  • To optimize production, processes were linked and set up using Lean criteria as a basis. To achieve this, assembly systems were redesigned, production processes were ideally aligned with assembly, and the best possible logistics were set up to supply assembly and manufacturing. 
  • To optimize the production footprint, processes were first improved, warehouses were set up and processes and products were then shifted while we accompanied the ramp-up. The layout was redefined at each site, while equipment and systems were set up based on Lean criteria. 
  • Consolidating and optimizing production has made it possible to vertically integrate outsourced production. 
  • Setting up Shop Floor Management according to uniform standards ideally links the shop floor with management, allowing the team to quickly intervene in the event of deviations. Problems are solved in the short term, but also sustainably, allowing all areas to continue to develop. 

Achieved benefit 

  • With the Lean Team, Schindler was given the capability to implement its own Lean projects and to further develop production. 
  • The Group was able to increase productivity by 25%, reduce throughput times by 15% and improve on-time delivery by 99.5%. 

Thomas Spiess, Member of the Staufen.Inova Executive Board

Production optimization at four sites across Europe at Schindler was so successful because we managed to get the key people enthusiastic about the change process right from the start. A productivity increase of +25% speaks for itself!

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