The supply shortage is causing distress for many companies right now. The supply bottlenecks are extreme. The most efficient way to reduce the supply shortage is to not have to purchase items in the first place.

This is exactly where the methodology of Staufen.Inova and Shouldcosting comes in.

We would be pleased to show you, on the basis of a current project, how, for example, in 5 days, with 48’689 articles, those articles can be identified which can be consolidated and saved.

The Software PSI – predictive saving identifier with integrated SID- similar item detection

2’860 geometrically similar articles

It is difficult not to lose track of thousands of articles. Accordingly, it is not uncommon to find similar articles that are procured in similar quantities from different suppliers at different conditions. Using the PSI – predicitve saving identifier, we have in fact identified 2’860 articles that have potential for consolidation and bring potential savings. Algorithms and machine learning help to make the search for similarities as simple and individual as possible.

Geometrically similar or visually similar?

Similarity is subjective. How often have acquaintances and relatives told us that “the son-man is the spitting image of the father”. For us, there are three types of similarity. The geometric similarity, the optical similarity and the manufacturing similarity. In order to meet all requirements, algorithms can be set dynamically so that visually similar items, geometrically similar items or items similar in terms of production technology can be identified within seconds.

Avoid components directly in the construction!

Of course, it would be even more elegant if components did not have to be designed at all. That is a real saving! Fortunately, there is a remedy for this. The newest CostChecker finds articles even without a 3D CAD model. Via technical parameters and within a few seconds – directly as a plugin for the most common 3D CAD systems.

The Software CostChecker – calculates manufacturing costs of new items and identifies similar components in the same step

Countering the supply shortage with digitization is an extremely efficient way. An additional advantage is obvious … this way is sustainable and will survive many more times of supply shortages. When will you start with SID – similar item detection and the fight against supply shortages?

Identify similar items, reduce item count, achieve savings

Use algorithms to identify similar items in huge data sets, consolidate and reduce new item creation. Generate savings.

Contact us to challenge the supply shortage.

We explain how we manage it, how long it takes and how multi-faceted the results are.

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Staufen.Inova AG and Shouldcosting GmbH successfully cooperate in customer projects and complement each other ideally.

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