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Triple R in global production networks

Are you aware of the network risk? 

Identifying supposedly unforeseeable risks in global supply chains at an early stage is a distinguishing feature of companies – corporations or SMEs – in a competitive environment. The Triple R can be used to prepare for the effects of potential events such as limited transport capacities due to a pandemic, a blocked Suez Canal, additional customs barriers, cyber attacks or natural disasters. 

Triple R’s

  • Robustness: How robust does the production network need to be configured to withstand an incident 
  • Resilience: How quickly can the production network return to its original efficiency 
  • Responsiveness: How quickly can the production network adapt to new market demands 

The foundation for mastering Triple R is an understanding of the causal chains in one’s own production network, both within and outside one’s own company and on the inbound and outbound side. By focusing on the critical elements in the production network, elicit the dependencies with manageable effort using a pragmatic management framework. The purpose is not to simulate a production network, but instead to quickly identify and eliminate the critical risks. 

Because these days, it is not individual plants competing against each other, but entire production networks and supply chains. 

In addition to Staufen.Inova AG, the following companies and organizations are invested in the Innosuisse-funded project: 

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