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The products and services that we need are created in R&D and produced in Operations. Every organization produces a mix of products and services, no matter whether they are large or small, international or national, for profit or non-profit, public or private. Just like a precision Swiss watch, the interaction of innovation and operations produces happy, delighted customers.

Modern and successful companies are aware of the importance of a functioning and reliable development as well as services performance. Innovation and operations form the basis for their continuous and lasting success. Understanding customer needs, customer interactions and customer behavior is what secures revenue in the first place. Successfully translating innovation into desirable products and services is the second key to profitability. The third is effective and efficient operations, which allows for growth in sales and profit. Outstanding management, involving staff, clear communication and action make the company an “Employer of Choice”.

Our Innovation & Operations framework covers everything from customers to innovation, from supply networks to the factory (operations). We employ state-of-the-art concepts and tools. We have a deep understanding of the life cycle of products and services. We master the organizational criteria ranging from innovation to its translation into performance. We are driven by a stringent interlinking of portfolio, innovation, network and operations. Trouble free. Flow. Draw. Rhythm.

Last but not least, we see ourselves as their accelerator of a leadership philosophy that makes it possible to transform the organization in all of its facets permanently and long-term. A work of excellence.

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Erich Sannemann

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