The three keys to long-term corporate success:  

1. Customer orientation
2. Customer orientation
3. Customer orientation

Would you like to stand out with your best-in-class market and customer performance? Your current and future customers will be so thrilled! As products and services become more difficult to differentiate, sales and service performance becomes even more important. Seize the opportunity: Position your company for sustainability in customer orientation in marketing, sales and aftersales and ensure the long-term success of your company. 

We know the challenges of the close to the customer units of Swiss companies.

The typical hot spots during customer orientation

  • Customer relationships are becoming increasingly more complex: Physically and virtual. Direct and indirect. Competent and efficient. 
  • Managing sales networks: Interaction with customers? Simultaneous. International. Multi-channel. 
  • Collaboration and role definitions: Ownership? Clear. Controlled. 
  • Interfaces within the company: Customer requests? Innovations? Forecast? Structured. Documented. Understood. 
  • Rethinking past and the development of new business models: Tomorrow’s success? Anticipated. Assured. 

Our support consists of methods and approaches that have been tried and tested for years. The starting point is the company’s market strategy and structured customer information. We derive processes and organize close to customer units based on that. We reinforce the leadership efficiency and leverage customer relationship management. And we increase efficiency long-term with the aid of appropriate (digital) tools. 

How is your company set up in this regard? Reach out to our experts and schedule an initial non-binding exchange. 

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