Win-win situation in logistics for two leading corporations in Switzerland. The leading food distributor is preparing for the arrival of German discount retailers by reducing process costs in transportation. SBB, the leading railway transport company is under increased pressure to generate profits. A joint project brings success. 

Client profile 

Migros (MIGROS COOPERATIVE ALLIANCE) is the largest retail group in Switzerland. The company is represented in all cantons and in foreign countries close to the border. 

Solved challenges 

  • New concept for the cooperation MGB/SBB Cargo 
  • Conducting a detailed analysis across all levels and identifying individual measures 
  • Creation of a new railcar type 
  • Reducing the number of utilized railcar types from more than 30 to 3 
  • Integrating the data flow 

Achieved benefit 

  • Significant reduction in the number of required cars by accelerating the rotation 
  • Eliminate duplication of effort across all sites  
  • Significant reduction in process costs at the railway allows a price reduction towards MGB, achieving an improved yield for SBB at the same time 

Alexander Vogel, Senior Consultant Staufen.Inova

By establishing indirect procurement, we worked with Migros to implement a holistic approach – professional excellence, aligned with the company’s goals: Indirect procurement was able to position itself as a business partner that realizes customized solutions together with its internal customers, from the idea to the anchoring, without taking the focus off of an optimized cost/benefit ratio.

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