Innovation and short time to market

Flexible supply chain processes in a regulated environment

In recent years, the MedTech industry in Switzerland has been able to impress with continuously increasing sales and growing export shares. This success is based on several core factors: The proven technical expertise, the high productivity and the immense innovative strength.

However, for several years now, new and more agile global market players have been increasing the pressure on innovation capability and time-to-market. The demands on processes along development, production and distribution are rising dramatically. Short and reliable delivery times have become the main focus. Compliance with the ever new regulatory requirements MDR and IVDR also increase process complexity and documentation effort. This creates an area of tension between maximum patient safety, innovation capability, shorter development times and flexibility along the supply chain. Changes like these do bring risks, but they also offer great opportunities!

We support you in mastering the balancing act between the challenging regulations and the potential opportunities and to successfully further advance your company.

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Many medical technology manufacturers have been reporting a growth in sales for years and have developed internationally to become successful companies. However, the market is characterized by tough competition. Plus, oftentimes, only low margins can be achieved when doing business with government health care providers. As a consequence, companies are forced to work as cost-efficiently as possible. A company can no longer afford high inventories, long lead times or redundant work as a result of poorly coordinated processes. For many years, Staufen.Inova has successfully provided medical technology manufacturers support in optimizing their processes in all direct and indirect areas. The lessons learned from these projects make it clear again and again: Particularly fast-growing companies neglect adapting their processes for too long, wasting a lot of potential in the process. 

One important prerequisite for marketing new products successfully is the ability to implement innovations as quickly as possible. This is particularly true for an industry such as medical technology, which is characterized by tough global competition. At the same time, medical products have to go through an extensive approval process before they can be introduced to the market. So, it is all the more important for R&D departments to structure their work so that the focus is consistently on the needs of the market. The ultimate goal is to develop successful products in a more coordinated manner and more quickly, and to ensure that they are managed systematically from the idea to the product launch. 

Our experts show you that creativity and structured work do not need to rule each other out. Even R&D departments can benefit from methods that have proven themselves to be successful for decades, as well as from a lean management culture. 

Megatrends such as digitalization, globalization and individualization pose new challenges for companies. To successfully manage this change, a living culture of change is required throughout the company as a whole. More than ever, the focus must be on the continuous pursuit of improvements so that companies can respond flexibly to developments. Above all, management is expected to demonstrate leadership skills. What is needed are individuals who listen, guide and motivate. They need to be willing to hand over responsibility to their teams, while offering them support and guidance throughout the change process. Our experienced consultants and coaches accompany you on the way to this new corporate culture. 

New technologies allow companies to further optimize their processes in production and logistics. Against this backdrop, operational excellence has huge potential: All processes can be structured and controlled more efficiently and effectively. For medical technology manufacturers, the opportunities offered by digitalization, networking and big data are crucial. Production in high-wage countries such as Switzerland can again become more interesting in the future. 

Staufen.Inova accompanies you during your transformation to a smart factory and in fully exploiting the potentials of Industry 4.0. 

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