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The food industry is under pressure. Thanks to digitalization, today’s customers are more informed than ever before: No matter whether product information, prices or the latest shopping option, everything is just once click away. The speed of the digital transformation and the growing customer expectations pose extreme challenges for the food industry. 

Many of today’s production chains have yet to be structured more efficiently and sustainably. Transparency across the value chains and digital solutions for the traceability of product information are critical to competitiveness. Transparency and any adjustments in the footprint contribute to greater stability and agility in global supply networks. The numerous seasonal fluctuations in sourcing raw materials and manufacturing semi-finished and finished products place high demands on how sales and production work together. Additional factors such as increasingly shorter shelf lives (trend towards ultra-freshness) and the cold chain also have to be continuously monitored and consistently ensured in the supply chain. This is where Swiss companies have the opportunity to establish innovative business models and create new standards. 

Our specialists can support you in developing new strategies, creating transparency in your supply chain network and reaching a systematic achieve optimum service for your customers with systematic sales and supply planning. With comprehensive information management and state-of-the-art transport, warehousing and distribution approaches, we help you turn future challenges into opportunities. 

Concepts and solutions 

With lean processes in all areas. 
Staufen.Inova has been successfully supporting companies in the food industry for years in optimizing their processes in all direct and indirect areas, making them ready for additional growth. 

Given international networking among companies on both the supplier and the sales side, transparency, planning and control of cross-company processes are critical. This requires a holistic approach from product development through sales and operations to clearance promotions at the point of sale. Topics such as sustainability and tracking are imperative in the food industry and demand maximum transparency. Our experts show you how to make the entire value chain end-to-end transparent and how to move the right levers for improvements along the processes. 

Megatrends such as digitalization, globalization and individualization pose new challenges for companies. To successfully manage this change, a living culture of change is required throughout the company as a whole. More than ever, the focus must be on the continuous pursuit of improvements so that companies can respond flexibly to developments. Above all, management is expected to demonstrate leadership skills. What is needed are individuals who listen, guide and motivate. They need to be willing to hand over responsibility to their teams, while offering them support and guidance throughout the change process. Our experienced consultants and coaches accompany you on the way to this new corporate culture. 

New technologies allow companies to further optimize their processes along the entire value creation chain. Against this backdrop, operational excellence has huge potential: All processes can be structured and controlled more efficiently and effectively. For medical technology manufacturers, the opportunities offered by digitalization, networking and big data are crucial. Production in high-wage countries such as Switzerland can again become more interesting in the future. 

Staufen.Inova accompanies you with digital consulting approaches from analysis to operational information dashboards. You create transparency from the strategy to operations with new insights and information networking. 

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