Collaboration of network, core functions and infrastructures

Supply chain and logistics seek out the best possible solutions on the most cost effective way to provide goods movements within the own enterprise (ramp to ramp), while satisfying the continuously increasing customer demands such as availability, quickness and reliability. 

This can only be accomplished with a well organized interaction between the network, the company’s core functions and the appropriate infrastructures/operating resources. 

The core functions are consistently aligned with customer benefits and the infrastructures/operating resources support fulfillment cost-effectively and with a high level of investment protection. We know the challenges of this interplay.

Typical hot spots in supply chain and logistics 

  • Location: Space problems? Green pasture. Cleaning out historically grown structures. Upgrades. Conversions. 
    Master plan? Available. Adjusted. 
  • Material flows: Elaborate? Unbraiding. Straightening. Degree of automation. 
  • Infrastructures: Storey construction? Vertical. Horizontal. 
  • Automation: What? Warehouse, commissioning, distribution systems. Connection of value creation levels. I4.0.
  • Core functions: Interaction? Procurement. Production. Distribution. Planning. Logistics as a cross function? Departments. Royal. Business partners. 
  • Business planning: Are the business requirements of building and IT known? Interdisciplinary. Strategically. Operationally. 
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