Introduction of SFM multi-project management, SFM specialized team, SFM leadership boards.
Analysis of the development system / deriving a Lean roadmap / creating a Lean awareness among those involved / setup, initiation and coaching / project management optimization.

Client profile 

Maxon motor develops and builds truly powerful electric drives. The DC motors are among the best you can get anywhere in the world. They are used everywhere where requirements are high and where engineers refuse to compromise. Maxon motors power the Nasa rovers on Mars. They are integrated in insulin pumps and hand-held surgical devices. You find them in humanoid robots or in high-precision industrial equipment and also in tattooing machines, passenger planes, camera lenses, race cars and heart pumps.

Solved challenges 

  • Multi-project management is installed and regular communication occurs with all of the department heads involved on a weekly basis. Shop Floor Management in development is set up in approx. 10 teams and is practiced. 
  • Leadership / management boards are set up from department heads to EB level and are practiced. 
  • Principles for improved project management are developed, but not yet completely implemented. 

Achieved benefit 

  • On-time delivery in the projects has increased / delivery delays have been reduced by 50%.
  • High transparency has been achieved in the multi-project landscape.
  • Decisions are made and escalations solved in due time in the multi-project.
  • All critical interfaces involved in the product creation process are integrated via Shop Floor Management and work more targeted toward the projects.

Jürgen Arold, Senior Expert Staufen.Inova

By optimizing Shop Floor Management in each of the teams, several delivery delays were successfully reduced by 50%. This is an excellent achievement!

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