The objective was to create additional capacities with which to deal with the increased production volume by optimizing processes in order to be able to utilize the existing infrastructure for as long as possible. 

Client profile 

Since 1845, Sprüngli has been one of the pioneers among Swiss chocolate producers and has played a key role in forging the reputation that Swiss chocolate still enjoys today as the best in the world. In addition to the fourteen sales outlets in and around Zurich, Sprüngli operates seven more in Basel, Bern, Winterthur, Zug and Geneva. 
Cultivating tradition in its sixth generation, the company is one of the most renowned confectioners in Europe. 

Solved challenges 

  • Analysis and restructuring of delivery units, container and transport logistics 
  • Reorganization of internal logistics and services: Separation of productive and non-productive activities such as waste disposal, cleaning and container logistics 
  • Set up and establish a continuous improvement process within the entire operation 
  • Support and training the Sprüngli KVP organization 
  • Introduction and training principles and methods such as 5S, MUDA, Kanban and PDCA 
  • Introduction of Shop Floor Management 
  • Introduce the “Gemba Walk” from executive management to department heads 

Achieved benefit 

  • Sprüngli CIP and the Sprüngli CIP Organization was developed and established one step at a time, and today the company has the capability to work through process improvements in a structured and continuous manner from the workplace level to the production system level 
  • The overall concept “Leading Locally”, which includes the elements “CIP”, “Shop Floor Management” and “Gemba Walk” were adapted to the needs and characteristics of the company, and today it ensures a consistent leadership process 
  • A common understanding relating to efficient processes, waste, etc. and the well-known conceptual approaches to solutions matured as a result of a variety of training programs and workshops 

André Zofka, Senior Consultant Staufen.Inova

The objective was clear: Create additional capacities for an increased production volume by optimizing processes. We were able to design the production processes to be more efficient with a clearly designed Shop Floor Management system, enabling us to establish a new CIP organization at Confiserie Sprüngli.

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