New training: Become an agile leader in 24 months

March 17, 2022

Much of what has been occupying us on a daily basis for weeks, months or even years now could not have been foreseen or only with great difficulty (Corona, Ukraine, etc.). More than ever, companies and the people who work for them are facing a volatile future with complex challenges to which they must adapt quickly and efficiently in the face of global competition. The Staufen Academy has designed a training program that provides managers with the necessary tools to shape the ongoing change in their companies.

“Because continuous transformation that is successful in the long run can only be achieved with an agile way of working and leading at the operational heart of an organization,” says Michael Metzger, Senior Expert and Trainer at the Staufen Academy. “Agile leader training is aimed primarily at middle and senior managers.”

However, just applying individual agile methods in a company will not suffice. For optimal process and customer orientation, it is much more important to align all structures according to agile principles. In addition, management and employees need a firmly anchored mindset to deal well with high complexity and uncertainty. Accordingly, the Agile Leader Training is deliberately holistic.

5 building blocks on the path to becoming an agile leader

The training is composed of various mandatory and optional modules:

  • Training course 1 is the “Leadership Excellence” seminar. In 2 x 2 days, the focus is on “effective leadership” and how it is used to empower and hold the team accountable.
  • Training course 2 builds on this: “Agile Leadership.” In another 2 x 2 days, participants deal with the relevant mindset and principles of agile working in an organization during their training.
  • This is followed by a practical phase with individual implementation tasks to consolidate the skills acquired. There is also the option to receive supplementary individual coaching for reflection and to ensure the success of the training in practice.
  • The practical implementation of agile leadership is then documented in a experience report.
  • Finally, at the end of the training there is a final exam covering all relevant training and course content.

After successfully completing the training courses and receiving a positive evaluation on the experience report and final exam, participants receive their certificate as an “Agile Leader” from the Staufen Academy after 24 months. The cost of the training is €5980 (plus VAT). If desired, the training can be supplemented with individual coaching and optional modules for a fee.

Would you like to learn more about our new Agile Leader training or take a detailed look at the program booklet? You can find all important information and links for registration on our training page.

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