Leadership task number one: As a trained lean leader, you systematically improve your employees

May 31, 2022 | News Germany

Lean management is particularly successful in companies when it is practiced at all levels. To achieve this, organizations need leaders who reflect on hierarchies and authority, offer a different mindset, and use new skills and tools. In doing so, they must empower not only themselves, but also others to succeed. Through the Lean Leader training offered by the Staufen Academy, managers learn how to effectively promote continuous improvement.

Eric Nils Timmer

Senior Expert


"With the help of Shop Floor Management (SFM), managers integrate all operationally important tasks into their daily business and create sustainable and measurable success with effective leadership and excellent processes. Shop Floor Management can therefore be explained with a simple formula: Shop Floor Management = leadership excellence + process excellence. as part of our lean leader training, we work out together how you as a manager can effectively implement Shop Floor Management."

4 modules on the path to becoming a Lean Leader

The Lean Leader training is aimed at managers from all areas of the company. The number of participants in the 4 modules is limited to a maximum of 12. The units are completed in this order:

  • Training starts with the “Leadership Excellence” seminar. The focus of the 2 x 2 days is “effective leadership” and how it is used to empower and hold the team accountable.
  • The “Lean Leadership” seminar builds on this. In a further 2 x 2 days, participants learn how change can be successfully managed, what role the manager plays in this process and how he or she can accompany a continuous improvement process.
  • This is followed by a practical phase with individual implementation tasks to consolidate the skills acquired.
  • A field report documents the practical implementation of Lean Leadership.
  • At the end of the training there is a final exam covering all relevant training and learning content.

After successfully completing the training courses and receiving a positive evaluation from the experience report and final examination, participants are awarded their “Lean Leader” certificate from the Staufen Academy after 24 months. The cost is 5,980 euros (plus VAT). If desired, the training can be supplemented with individual coaching and optional modules for a fee.

Participants who book the complete training series receive a 10% discount on the total price.

Lean Leader Training

The Lean Leader training teaches participants how to successfully implement change through effective leadership. The goal is to use know-how and practical strategies to communicate in a very targeted manner, to lead in an appreciative manner, and to significantly increase the performance of the entire team as a result.

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