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July 25, 2022

Face was shown at BMW. This is to be understood in the literal sense, due to the removal of restrictions and the associated obligation to wear a mask. But it also stands for the transparency with which the participants of the BestPractice Partner Circle Meeting at BMW in Landshut – company leaders and designers – communicated their current corporate challenges and represented their values.

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the BestPractice Partner Circle of Staufen AG, which encompasses around 40 companies in German-speaking countries, has finally been brought back together in person. At the invitation of BMW AG, 23 participants met at the BMW plant in Landshut on June 28 and 29, 2022, to benefit from the opportunity to reflect on common best cases, learn from each other, and openly exchange ideas. The core topic was the value-added oriented production system (WPS). WPS creates the foundation for successful business transformation by integrating lean and digital approaches.

Executives and lean leaders from BMW AG shared experiences, obstacles and proven solutions on their lean journey and invited participants to tour the plant. Here, the successful transformation was embarked upon years ago: From the first CIP projects, Poka Yoke measures and paper Kanban solutions, to the introduction of Hancho work organization and refinement through digitization and I4.0 solutions.

This time, the format was aimed at those responsible for the topics of “Green,” “Lean” and “Digital” as well as managing directors, plant managers and executives from production-related areas in the Staufen partner circle.

During the introductory talk by Andreas Stoermer, General Manager Production System Component Production, and Lothar Köglmeier, WPS Integrator, both BMW AG, presented the implementation of the value-added oriented production system and the corresponding implementation of the new work organization at the Landshut site. The tour of the process boards, control boards, and logistics processes provided practical proof of successful production in one-piece flow according to customer demand and explained working on the value stream.

The lever for everything – regardless of industry – is consistent process confirmation across all levels. Where standards are practiced and understood is where an organization’s system operates.

Lothar Köglmeier, WPS-Integrator, BMW AG
BMW Werk Landshut

With increasing complexities that a traditional, analog approach of value stream mapping and our brains can no longer grasp, process mining is the solution. This was the consensus of the second agenda item on “Outlook and further development of WPS”. “By means of data-based analysis and resulting increased process transparency and sustainable process improvement, process mining enables us to stay on top of things,” said presenter Nico Vosshage, Specialist for Process Mining, BMW AG.

In the subsequent live presentation by BMW’s in-house Smart Maintenance experts Stefan Buchner and Markus Kinast, the participating company managers were given a comprehensive insight into the system worlds. Advantages and lessons learned so far in the Smart Maintenance App development were revealed and questions and the visitors were addressed in detail to draw comparison to other development statuses in partner companies.

In the concluding discussion on supplier development and integration, it was emphasized that BMW’s task was to build trust among employees in its own contribution to improvement. In the process, employees are given responsibility on the shop floor as experts in their field. They become a crucial part in the continuous improvement process (CIP) by being invited to optimize, create, and innovate – even beyond common industry standards

No transformation will succeed unless we also develop our mindset. This requires transparency and openness from leaders and trust in the team.

Richard Paulicks, Value Stream Specialist, BMW AG

The voices of our participants

Tobias Wolf | Consultant WIEPROconsulting | SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG

Eye-openers for me today were, in particular, the consistent application and demand for standardization, the use of appropriate tools for data collection and process control, and the systematic education and training of employees and managers

Kurt Fritz | Site Development | Lindner NORIT GmbH & Co. KG

“Today was entertaining, informative and really cool for me. Our BestPractice Partner Circle is an effective tool for input, inspiration and exchange from a wide variety of participating industries.”

Dr. Tim Nikolaou | Technical Managing Director/COO | Oskar Frech GmbH & Co. KG

“The enthusiasm at the BMW plant in Landshut for putting lean into practice is fascinating. This is where the DNA for Lean Green Digital can truly be felt!”

About the BestPractice Partner BMW

The BMW Group has 31 production sites in 15 countries. The plant in Landshut has 3,500 employees and is the world’s largest components plant and innovation partner for plants worldwide. As a competence center for lightweight construction and electromobility, trends are set here for the entire industry. Major components for the pioneering BMW i models are produced here, and the site is the BMW Group’s only cardan shaft production facility worldwide. Every BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce contains a piece of Landshut’s innovative power.

What sets Landshut apart: pioneering spirit!

The claim is to always be one idea ahead of the competition. When technology goes into series production, it is continuously optimized – and at the same time, research is already being conducted on the innovations of tomorrow

About the BestPractice Partner Network

The BestPractice principle is as simple as it is ingenious: Staufen AG enables companies undergoing a holistic transformation process to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of a similar BestPractice partner.

Our BestPractice partners are market leaders, technology leaders and hidden champions. They represent companies that have already successfully introduced Lean Management or have successfully implemented a transformation process and are constantly evolving. By holistically integrating lean mechanisms, these companies are considered pioneers in terms of value creation.

Our customers can experience BestPractice in person with our partners during visits and seminars. Getting a look at and exchanging ideas with the best in the industry is the most sustainable way to set your own improvement process in motion or to revitalize it with fresh ideas. Our partners, on the other hand, benefit from deriving their own new solutions for their lean transformation. In addition, the intensive exchange helps to keep motivation high and also to develop oneself further.

BestPractice at Staufen is therefore not just a seal of approval but is actively put into practice through constructive exchange and partnership that helps you move forward.

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