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Schnellecke Logistics Mexico

has developed a long-term strategy to transfer innovation relating to Industry 4.0 to all relevant regions. The examples implented successfully include, for example, transport control monitors for dynamic control of driverless transport systems (DTSes), tugger tracking for dynamic order assignment, exoskeletons, and forklift sensors. 

Some of these innovations are associated with systems for continuous process optimization such as: SWS (Schnellecke Warehouse System), SJS (Schnellecke JIS System) or the customer‘s system. Flexibility is one key to success: Schnellecke adapts to its customers’ requirements and formulates a custom-tailored solution.

In response to the logistical challenges of digitalization and automation, Schnellecke has developed the PnP Logistics 4.0 framework. Its goal is to provide a broad range of logistics processes and technologies on demand thanks to a high degree of automation.

The three essential components of PnP Logistics 4.0 are:

  • SCHNELLECKE MULTI-JIS 4.0 is a highly integrated, digitalized multi-JIS center with driverless transport systems, paperless picking, and robot technology.

  • THE SCHNELLECKE CLOUD is based on the SAP Hana Cloud and supports processes such as plug & play and Schnellecke IoT applications.

  • SCHNELLECKE(ED) is an innovative new platform for the integration of different manufacturers’ technologies. The platform provides control via a uniform interface and enables the technologies to communicate with one another.

In addition to innovative, automated, and digitalized solutions, Schnellecke places great value on the integration of “basic” systems. An instrument that was introduced successfully in recent years is Shop Floor Management (SFM). Schnellecke first implemented SFM at its client Audi in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico. This site is now to become a BestPractice partner for Staufen in the Mexican region.

What are the three most important benefits of Shop Floor Management for Schnellecke Logistics?

  • Organization, effective monitoring, and delegation are indispensable. As a business and industry leader, transparency of processes and performance is very important to Schnellecke. This assumes that you have answers on hand just in time and information that allows you to act proactively instead of reactively.

  • Communication is one of the main concerns, especially in large organizations. Our team has determined that there is frequently a lack of communication from the top down. Employees want to be informed so that they can feel like they are part of a whole and there is a sense of belonging. SFM creates space within an established time frame in which information can be shared. This way, SFM contributes to better communication within our organization.

  • Problems should be solved where they occur – on the shop floor. This is how we proceed wherever possible. However, some problems cannot be solved directly on the shop floor and higher management levels need to be involved. SFM provides a perfect escalation mechanism for this. SFM is clearly one of the tools that we use for optimizing performance on the shop floor. By using the “basics“ sensibly, a company can focus completely on innovation, Industry 4.0, and other present-day challenges.

JAVIER CORTE SPINOLA, Director de IT Región México, Schnellecke Logistics

Director de IT Región México,
Schnellecke Logistics

MELANIE BRASCH, Directora de Operaciones Automotriz, Schnellecke Logistics

Directora de Operaciones Automotriz,
Schnellecke Logistics






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